Does User experience in online banking Matters? See the numbers

The biggest giants like Amazon, Facebook, Uber are leading global market in a way which is influencing almost all industries. They provide their clients amazing experience when using their services. The security, trust, or number of features is no longer dealbreakers in customers journey when choosing the bank. User experience is the key. Have a look how Tapix helps to improve banks user experience.

Pfm is growing and banks should get on board too

Managing your finances can feel a lot like exercising – you know you should be doing it, it is only efficient if you do it regularly and you can see the positive effects better in the long-run. There is however one distinctive difference. Unlike exercising, due to technology advancements in the recent years, the amount of time and effort that users have to invest into managing their finances has decreased significantly.

What it takes to have good payment data

Since you might not know how TapiX came to be, the story began three years ago while we were in the process of working on card-linked marketing. We noticed that not many financial institutions were offering a banking experience that put the users’ needs at the center. We also realized that Dateio had already been working on tools which could provide the service that many banks were missing. And that’s when TapiX was created.

How Tapix makes BUNQ's app better

The Dutch challenger bank was struggling to maintain a high merchant logo, name, and categorization coverage with low costs. Thanks to Tapix BUNQ data coverage increased by 300% and also now they have GPS location as well.

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Ivan Dovica