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Technology against Covid‑19

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The restriction of free movement, retail sale and other services has had a strong economic impact. Tech solutions are one of very few options which will allow us to return to a (new) normal way of life soon and help us prepare for the potential second wave of coronavirus.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions on movement, retail sales and other services have had a severe impact on the economy. However, tech solutions offer one of the few options which could allow us to return to a new normal way of life soon, and help us prepare for the potential second wave of coronavirus.

There are different approaches and solutions already present in some countries, such as Poland and Slovakia, where apps assist authorities in confirming that individuals who should be in quarantine are remaining so. These apps work by randomly requesting quarantined users to take a selfie and upload it. If the individual does not do so within 20 minutes of the request, authorities are notified.

Such tech solutions could prove extremely useful in helping to contain future outbreaks of Covid-19 or other diseases. They could also help to reduce the economic impact of restrictive measures, by allowing people to remain productive even while adhering to quarantine requirements. As such, it is important that we continue to develop and invest in such technologies.

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