Panel | Eco wave in Banking

Ondřej Slivka
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With the rise of green banks around the world, customers are now asking for more than just basic banking services. They want their money to do good while they’re making it rain – or at least balance out environmentally friendly initiatives with some technologically savvy investments.

With the Green wave on the rise, it is expected that ecologically conscious banking will have an even bigger impact than ever before. And banks are there to rise to the challenge with neobanks and fintechs taking the lead. Companies such as Treecard, bunq, Tomorrow one or Helios which aim to become the leaders. Starting green banking by proposing cards made from sustainable wood, planting trees for each transaction, and more.

In this panel discussion, we cracked down on the best practices in releasing environmentally friendly features with all consumers at top of mind. The pannel took place on the 3rd of March and we are now bringing you the webinar free of charge.

Some of the topics that were discussed

  • Eco banking wave – why is this trend booming now?
  • Green banking vs. Greenwashing
  • Initiatives available on the market
  • Sustainable features of the future
  • Sustainability across platform (Cards, Backend, App)
  • How banks approach sustainability / how neobanks approach sustainability
  • Sustainability of company vs. Sustainability features for consumers – what is more important?

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Šimon Kočí

Project Director @ Everly Media // Head of International Partnerships @ TapiX
Šimon is a fintech enthusiast helping major banks with UX with payment data enrichment solution TapiX. Also fintech blogger

Gerald Gruber

Chief Commercial Officer @ bunq
Experienced General Manager with a strategic view and the ability to dig deep when necessary. Passionate about building teams, creating solutions, and all things digital, currently in charge of new business development, international expansion, and strategic partnerships at bunq

David Lais

Co-Founder & CPO @ ecolytiq
David is a social entrepreneur and the founder of several innovative start-ups in the area of payments. He started his first company at the age of 16 and by pure chance entered the payments industry. In 2015, a life-changing event sparked his decision to act on climate change on a larger socioeconomic scale. Since then, he has decided to focus his expertise and passion on sustainable and socially impactful technology. As a result, he launched the non-for-profit Organisation for Sustainable Consumption (OfnK) and co-founded ecolytiq, which leverages publicly available and payments data to enable sustainable banking.

Jessica Carta

Head of Product @ Treecard
Jessica Carta is currently the Head of Product at Treecard, the leading green financial services company that makes impactful and sustained climate action every day. She is a passionate payments and fintech product professional with 10+ years creating, building, and launching fintech products across the globe. Prior to joining Treecard, Jessica worked at Mastercard for 6 years across various global product teams.

Lilli Staack

Head of Communications @ Tomorrow