Panel | The Missing feature in Mobile Banking

Ondřej Slivka
time-icon2 minute read

As digital banking has revolutionized how people manage their finances, banks have been competing to offer the most efficient and user-friendly services.

However, now that this technology is becoming ubiquitous amongst traditional and challenger/neo banks with fintech features are seeking a more unique offering in order to stand out from competitors. As Revolut pivoted towards investments in gold stocks or cryptocurrency exchanges while Starling offers its own marketplace – what will be next for these players? This panel discussion aims at finding answers on what feature(s) could disrupt the industry yet again!

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Our panellists

Šimon Kočí

Head of partnerships Tapix – founder of Everly

Simon is a fintech enthusiast helping major banks with UX with the payment data enrichment solution Tapix. Also fintech blogger

Mark O’Keefe

Founding director at Optima Consultancy

Founding director of Optima Consultancy, Mark has 20+ years of experience in the Payments business and is a member of the PSR Panel. Alongside his consulting work, his recent focus has been developing a number of comprehensive benchmark studies of mobile banking and finance apps.

Erenia N. Kontolatou

VP of Business Development at Scientia

Erenia holds the VP of Business Development position at Scientia and is in charge of partnerships and international expansion. With vast fintech knowledge and addiction to data analysis, she is driving Scientia to success while making partnerships that bring value.

Jamie Broadbent

Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

An award-winning banking leader with career specialisms in proposition development and strategy, Jamie is currently responsible for spearheading the digital transformation of RBS International – the international division of NatWest Group.

Aditi Deshmukh

Senior Product Manager – ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics & AI

Aditi has a passion for product and is driven by extensive product management experience across various industries.

Her focus for the past few years has been Fintech and Banking, where she aims to create data-driven, user-centric products that combine technology with user empathy.