Features for truly insightful data

Data Enrichment

TapiX is Dateio’s API-based service that enriches payment data in real time and returns precise information about transaction identification.

This allows banks / fintechs to show their clients exact information about the payments that are being made such as the merchant's name, brand logo, location and GPS coordinates of purchase, Google Places ID, URL and what category the payment falls into.

For core markets we cover over 90% of transactions, in secondary markets only the largest retailers are covered. Converting such countries to core ones is a matter of a few weeks.

Embracive overview of payment history data

Payment History
Data Insight

Financial institutions receive transactional data in the form of incomprehensible data strings. TapiX enriches the transactional data with the accurate name of the merchant, logo of the merchant, and business category. This results in an embracive overview of payment history data.


TapiX analytics on mobile app

The true value of TapiX lies in the data analytics. The enriched data provides a thorough source to make real‑life business decisions based on a true understanding of one's clients.

Personalization / Data Science
Boost your CRM capabilities. Segment your clients based on their lifestyle and not just on socio‑demographic data and personalize your marketing communication with clients. Cross sell your services based on shopping behaviour and location.

Risk management
Improve your risk models based on detailed information about clients’ behaviour.

Card Linked Marketing platform
Data is the key component of Dateio’s recommendation system employed in Card Linked Marketing platforms on several European markets.