How TapiX banking API works

Easy to IntegrateRealtime REST API

Our service is a simple cloud based REST API and is set up in a matter of days. You can call the API at the moment of the payment and employ the service in real-time use cases. On‑premise solution and batch API version is also available.

TapiX replies in real time with all requested information

Bank saves the data in its in‑house data centers

Client makes a card payment at POS

Bank receives this information and calls TapiX REST API asking for the payment location, merchant's correct name, merchant's logo, URL and Google place ID

When client checks their payment history overview, the banking app loads data from bank's data

Key Properties of Our Solution

High Data Quality and Coverage of 90% + Transactions

We constantly monitor and improve quality of data by using a mixture of statistical analysis and ML/AI algorithms. We avoid “guesstimation” techniques. Human verification and Feedback API are in place to monitor and inspect service quality.

Payment Data Always Up‑To‑Date

Regular checks validating correctness of data such as logo refresh, rebranding, terminal relocation are in place. Due to our invalidation system and monitoring process we are also able to keep historic payment data up-to-date and relevant at all times. With speed of 3ms per enriched transaction and high scalability, TapiX is designed to handle the needs of the world’s largest banks.

Privacy and Security Ensurance

No personal data that could identify the client is shared outside of the financial institution. Only basic transaction identifiers of the payment terminal are shared with TapiX. We are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.