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Green finance
Green finance

On the green wave: Trends, initiatives and the future of green finance

The topic of global warming, long-term sustainability and overall respect for planet Earth has been discussed for decades, across human activities and industries. Yet efforts to limit it require cooperation at a global level, involving not only the public but also the private sector, including financial institutions. How does the current green finance landscape look like? Deep dive into all things eco banking in our latest article!

18. 5. 2022
Payment card
Payment card
Knowledge base

What Does It Take To Enrich Payment Data

The gold of every business is data. And the finest gold in the banking industry are payment data. Let us walk you through to understand how to enrich payment data, what are the options and what it takes to leverage them into being a tool that provides insights into your client’s payment behavior, as well as help find new revenue opportunities.

20. 1. 2022