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How TapiX makes bunq’s app better

The Dutch challenger bank was struggling to achieve a high coverage of merchant reconciliation such as merchant name, logo and payment category, with low costs. In this case study, we are deep diving into how bunq’s data coverage has increased by 300% with minimum cost and what key features bunq build on top of enriched payment data provided by Dateio’s TapiX API.

“People are looking for a clear idea of what they spent and where. It’s so much easier for people to understand their spending habits when they can visually see what’s happening. While looking for a solution to this, we found TapiX. They’ve helped us give people a much better insight into their spending, and we’ve saved a tonne of time in the process. Using TapiX gave us a really high-quality product, in a very short period of time.

Tom Bilske​. Product Owner at bunq

bunq is a European challenger bank based in Amsterdam and one of the world’s first mobile-only banks. bunq allows its customers to set up bank accounts, make payments, split checks, and transfer funds to friends all from a single mobile app. bunq has quickly risen in popularity since its start in 2015 and has expanded to all EU countries. bunq’s mission is to provide its customers with the best possible mobile banking experience. bunq is constantly innovating and expanding its features to meet the needs of its growing customer base. bunq is the future of banking.

To read more about how TapiX helped bunq get the best out of their app, download the pdf.