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Twisto Polska: TapiX allows you to better monitor your expenses

Twisto is a FinTech that enables their clients to shop now and pay later when it suits them. Thanks to the implementation of TapiX, Twisto users can additionally review their expenses and check where the purchase was made.

What kind of services does Twisto offer?

Twisto allows customers to manage their payments for goods purchased through features such as deferment or instalments for up to 12 months. All you need to do is register using the application connected with the card, and you can pay for the goods up to 45 days later without additional fees. If you are unregistered, you can still postpone the payment by 30 days in e-stores that have implemented Twisto as a payment method. This is a great way to budget your purchases, or if you need some extra time to come up with the money. There are no hidden fees or catches, so why not take advantage of this great service?


How does TapiX help Twisto customers?

In 2017, Twisto began cooperation with Dateio, the provider of the TapiX service. The solution enables consumers to better monitor their expenses. Another important functionality is the exact tracking of the locations of stores where purchases were made. Transaction details are available in the Twisto app since March 2018, and the categorization of purchases has recently been expanded. Through this partnership, Twisto hopes to provide its users with an even better understanding of their spending habits, as well as a more convenient way to track and manage their finances. twisto is dedicated to helping its users make smart financial decisions, and this partnership is another step in that goal.

TapiX is a REST API that enables banks to provide their customers with more accurate and up-to-date information about merchant locations, names, logos, and URLs. TapiX also makes it possible for customers to view the exact history of transactions in the banking application. This is especially useful for making payments for recurring expenses such as subscriptions for services like Netflix or Spotify. Overall, TapiX provides an easy and convenient way for banks to improve the quality of information available to their customers while also making it simpler and more efficient to manage payments.

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