Dateio enters MENA region through partnership with award-winning YAP

Ondřej Slivka
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Dateio, Czech pioneer in payment data enrichment, has partnered with YAP, the leading fintech revolutionizing the digital banking experience in MENASA, to provide YAP’s client with clarity around their spending.

TapiX API utilizes innovative ML/AI algorithms to bring transparency in the payment overview with information about the merchant – brand name, logo, GPS, and category.

YAP values that visualizing customer spending is a crucial feature in nowadays banking, thus TapiX is part of the product from day one.

“We are glad to be entering MENA with UAE being the first market to establish a presence in the Middle East. This gives us a solid foothold beyond our European footprint to support and fuel mobile banking innovation,”

Ivan Dovica, Co-Founder & COO at Dateio

“In nowadays competitive banking landscape, building scalable and digital-first financial products requires a wider tech stack than ever before. We are proud that TapiX can contribute and be part of the YAP product from day 1,” Dovica added.

Showcase of YAP app and enriched payment data within the app

The YAP team has always valued a good user experience over anything else. This way the clients’ spending experiences at any business feels seamless whether it’s through an app on a mobile device or website visits using desktop computers.

“From the beginning of building the YAP product experience, we were focused on ensuring our customers have insights and a full understanding of their finances. We pride ourselves on offering customers a 360-degree view of all their spending in order to fully understand their financial health and how to manage their money. Partnering with the team at Dateio has been a smooth and customer-centric experience from the start.

Katral-Nada Hassan, Head of User Experience at YAP.

Having TapiX API integrated enables us to provide enhanced data features, and create unique product and service offerings, thus helping our clients achieve their financial goals.”, Hassan added.

With the new client in the region, Dateio will be able to build a further presence and tap into nearby markets in due course.

To fight a swarm of new fintech companies, YAP must be extremely quick in delivering new features and innovating on its app. Therefore, to cut the time-to-market of new features with user experience at top of mind the collaboration with Dateio will continue.

About YAP

YAP is a revolutionary financial management app that provides users with the tools to make their lives easier. The company’s innovative features allow them better insight into finances, including analytics and budgeting tools.

To stay competitive in this emerging industry, YAP must deliver new features quickly and incorporate innovative technologies into its app. To do so without compromising on quality or user experience will be key for them as they face off against other fintech startups that are also trying hard just like themselves!