TapiX brings enriched payment data to the Reflect App

Ondřej Slivka
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Today, TapiX is excited to announce its partnership with Reflect, the first neobank in Jordan. This partnership will bring TapiX’s enriched payment data to Reflect’s App users, providing a better customer experience and better control of their money. Enriched payment data brings valuable insights into customer behavior, which can help banks like Reflect offer better services to their users.

These functionalities ultimately improve the customer experience, safety, and overall control over their assets. TapiX’s data will help Reflect’s users understand where and how they are spending their money, and identify areas where they can improve their spending habits. This partnership will allow TapiX to reach a larger audience and provide value to Reflect’s users.

„We welcome the cooperation with TapiX by Dateio as it gives us instant access to worldwide merchant data. This way we can provide better payment insights to our users without having to worry about gathering the data ourselves.“

Leen Asfour, Product Lead @ Reflect

The first neobank in Jordan

Neobanks are digital-only banks that don’t have any physical branches. They offer all the same services as traditional banks, but they’re built specifically for a digital world.

Reflect App preview
Reflect app screenshots

That’s why Reflect Neobank lets you manage all aspects of your life, from finances to style. It has a digital account that allows users one place for spending and saving money as well as an online marketplace where they can find personalized items with just the click on “buy”. The top-ups are also available at any time through this application via multiple ways like CliQ, IBAN number, Debit or Credit cards, and directly through any Arab Bank ATM anywhere in Jordan!

Reflect app is built on modern technology, which gives it a few advantages over traditional banks. The TapiX provided data powers better insights to Reflect app in order to give the first Neobank in Jordan an even bigger advantage over their future competition.  And since Neobanks also tend to be more transparent than traditional banks, this will be helpful to the users trying to stay on top of their finances.

TapiX proves that the transaction data enrichment API is truly location independent

With the successful launch of the TapiX service in Reflect app, there is solid proof that the TapiX API is truly location-independent. Merchant data reconciliation can take place all over the world simultaneously without having to worry about response times or data quality.

“In today‘s world Innovation drives us all forward, that´s one of the reasons why we are excited to partner app with pioneers of banking in Jordan. This way TapiX brings value to end users all over the world.”

Ivan Dovica, COO & Founder of Dateio

TapiX takes pride in the quality of provided data. That’s why the data teams work hard to maintain coverage over 90%. The statistical analysis techniques ensure that Reflect users will never have an incorrectly enriched transaction, and neither will any other users. Payments are processed quickly and efficiently thanks to the invalidation system, which ensures that data is always up-to-date.