TapiX EcoTrack launched in bunq app 

Ondřej Slivka
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In an exciting move towards promoting sustainable practices and empowering users to make
eco-conscious decisions, bunq has successfully integrated Dateio’s latest product, TapiX EcoTrack, into its banking app. This integration marks a significant step forward in fostering collaboration between two industry leaders and revolutionizing the way consumers engage with their carbon footprint.

Insights into CO2 Footprint from Purchases 

With the integration of TapiX EcoTrack, bunq users can now gain valuable insights into the CO2 footprint of their purchases. The aim is to enable users to make educated choices while conducting day-to-day transactions, ensuring that every purchase aligns with their sustainability goals. 

TapiX EcoTrack enriches the bunq app with carbon footprint calculations fuelling the improvement of sustainable spending habits. By providing the carbon footprint values, the integration allows users to easily comprehend the environmental impact of their purchases. 

We are excited to support bunq‘s data-driven sustainable vision with our solutions. bunq’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has been a driving force in shaping our localized model. With EcoTrack, we equip bunq’s users with access to real-time, accurate, and traceable data on the environmental impact of their daily transactions, ”

Ivan Dovica, COO & Co-founder at Dateio. 

With this successful integration of TapiX EcoTrack, bunq continues to promote sustainability within the banking industry. By deepening the partnership with Dateio, bunq reinforces its commitment to helping users create a positive impact on the environment with every transaction they make. 

“At bunq, we believe that every small decision can create a big impact on our planet. Thanks to CO2 insights in the bunq app, our users get instant information about the green impact of their purchases and can start shopping sustainably.

Samantha de Groen, Product Marketing Manager at bunq. 

Why EcoTrack from TapiX? 

TapiX EcoTrack sets itself apart with its precision in carbon footprint calculations, which is influenced by the accuracy of categorization. Leveraging local market knowledge, TapiX focuses on estimating categories beyond MCC (Merchant Category Code) to provide users with consistent and reliable data. With around 500 side tags accompanying category information, CO2 multipliers are narrowed down, ensuring higher model accuracy.