CEE22: Cooperation between banks and fintechs. Interview with Šimon Kočí

Ondřej Slivka
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SME Banking club sat down with Šimon Kočí, Head of International Partnerships for TapiX by Dateio, who will be moderating a panel discussion on the topic of Cooperation between banks and fintechs the upcoming CEE SME Banking Conference in Prague.

It’s no secret that banks have been trying to compete with fintech startups by integrating their services. In an industry where 65% of all financial institutions are partnering up over the past three years, it makes sense why more than half invest in new technologies too! Before there was even talk about this “buzzword,” third-party solutions were already around for decades; debit cards came out back then as well

Olena Gryniuk sat down with Šimon Kočí, founder of Everly.eu and Head of International Partnerships for TapiX by Dateio who is the moderator extraordinaire at the upcoming SME Banking conference in Prague! How he plans on using his expertise when facilitating these discussions among other stakeholders such as financial institutions.

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The history of financial technology is one that has always been innovation-driven. From debit cards and credit card introductions in the 1950s to internet banking decades ago; we’ve seen how this partnership between lenders and technologists can lead us into an era where customers are better served by their providers.