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On the green wave: Trends, initiatives and the future of green finance

The topic of global warming, long-term sustainability and overall respect for planet Earth has been discussed for decades, across human activities and industries. Today, there is little doubt that climate change poses a real and significant political and economic risk to humanity.

Climate change is no longer just an issue for the future, but something that people can help fight today. A recent Eurobarometer survey showed over 93% of Europeans consider climate change to be a serious problem and nearly 96% have taken action in some form against it—including personal investments towards ethical or sustainable options which has increased by 8%, according to Mastercard’s Study among consumers last year (2021).

The banks are embracing green products as a way to be sustainable. They work with alternative financial institutions and startups, bringing technology that can easily fit into their existing systems while also partnering up for new opportunities in the sector of environmental protection. The growth within this field is driven largely by customer demand–as more people want cleaner energy sources or zero-waste production techniques than ever before.

Learn more about what’s in store for greener Europe in our report.