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Does the UX in online banking matter? We have the numbers.

The biggest giants like Amazon, Facebook and such are leading the global market in a way which is affecting the majority of industries. They provide their clients with amazing experience when using their services. The security, trust or the number of features is no longer a dealbreaker in a customer’s journey when choosing a bank – UX is the key.

In the financial sector, providing a great user experience is essential. After all, customers need to be able to access their accounts and perform transactions quickly and easily. That’s why banks and other financial institutions are turning to UX design to improve their digital services.

How to improve UX in banks

One example of this is TapiX, an enrichment API that was designed with UX in mind. TapiX was created to make it easy for banks and fintech to implement, and to improve the UX of their apps. As a result, TapiX has become one of the most popular data enrichment solutions in the Czech Republic.

The banking industry is undergoing major changes, and reaping the benefits of good UX has become essential for banks competing in the digital age. In order to meet the needs of their customers, banks must provide a seamless, convenient, and safe experience across all channels.

Thanks to its focus on UX, TapiX has been able to provide a better experience for its users. And that’s something that all financial institutions should be striving for.